Pope'' s Sunday Angelus: “” Ask yourself the concern, '' Who is Jesus for me?'”'” …

(Vatican Radio) Listed below you can discover the full text of Pope Francis' address at the Angelus on Sunday 23 August 2015: Today is the conclusion of the readings from the sixth chapter of the Scripture of St John, with the discourse on the "Bread of Life," proclaimed by Jesus on the day after the miracle of the reproduction of the loaves and fishes. At the end of that discourse, the fantastic interest of the day prior to faded, because Jesus had said He was the Bread come down from heaven, and that He would provide His Flesh as food and His Blood as drink, clearly alluding to the sacrifice of His very life. These words prompted disappointment in individuals, who considered them not worthy of the Messiah, not "winning." That's how some saw Jesus: as a Messiah who should speak and act in such a method that His mission would be successful, immediately! However they erred specifically in this: in way of understanding the objective of the Messiah! Even the disciples failed to accept that language, that disturbing language of the Master. And today's passage refers to their pain: "This stating is hard," they said, "Who can accept it?" (John 6:60). In truth, they comprehended well the discourse of Jesus-- so well that they did not wish to hear it, since it is a discourse that weakens their state of mind. The Words of Jesus constantly discomfort us; discomfort us, for example, with regard to the spirit of the world, of worldliness. However Jesus offers the key to get rid of the difficulty; a key made of 3 elements. First, His magnificent origin: He is come down from heaven and will rise "to where He was before" (v. 62). 2nd: His words can just be comprehended through the action of the Holy Spirit, He "who gives life" (v. 63). It is exactly the Holy Spirit that makes us comprehend Jesus well. Third: the real cause of misunderstanding of His words is lack of faith: "Amongst you there are some who do not believe" (v. 64), Jesus states. In fact, from that point, "many of His disciples turned back" (v. 66). In the face of these defections, Jesus does not reclaim or soften His words, in truth, He forces us making a clear option-- either to remain with Him or to separate ourselves from Him-- and He says to the Twelve, "Do you also wish to leave?" (v. 67). At this point Peter makes his admission of faith in the name of the other Apostles: "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life" (v. 68). He does not state "where shall we go?" however "to whom shall we go?" The basic problem is not leaving and abandoning the work that has actually been carried out, however rather "to whom" to go. From that question of Peter, we comprehend that faithfulness to God is a concern of faithfulness to a person, with whom we are taken part order to walk together along the same roadway. All that we have in the world does not please our hunger for the infinite. We require Jesus, to remain with Him, to nourish ourselves at His table, on His words of eternal life! To care about Jesus indicates making Him the centre, the definition of our life. Christ is not an accessory element: He is the "living bread," the indispensable nutrition. Attaching ourselves to Him, in a real relationship of faith and love, does not indicate being chained, however [rather] exceptionally free, constantly on a journey.Each one of us can ask himself, today, "Who is Jesus for me? Is He a name? a concept? Is He merely an individual from history? Or is He truly the individual Who loves me, Who offered His life for me and walks with me?" Who is Jesus for you? Do you stay with Jesus? Do you seek to understand Him in His word? Do you check out the Scripture every day, a passage from the Scripture in order to know Jesus? Do you carry the little Scripture in your pocket, in your bag, in order to read it all over. Since the more we are with Him the more the desire to continue to be with Him grows. Now I kindly ask you, let us take a moment of silence, and every one of us, in silence, in his/her heart, ask yourself the question: "Who is Jesus for me?" In silence, everyone response in his or her heart. "Who is Jesus for me?" [A minute of silence.] May the Virgin Mary help us constantly "to go" to Jesus in order to experience the flexibility that He offers us, which permits us to purify our choices from worldly incrustations and worry..

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